June is Adopt a Cat Month! Here’s What to Know Before Adopting One

Adopt a Cat Month

Have you been thinking about getting a furry friend? June is National Adopt a Cat month, so consider adopting a cat from a local shelter! Before you adopt a cat, there are a few things you need to know.

Fast Cat Facts

  1. Adopt a cat from a shelter. Because of overpopulation, there are a ton of adult cats, senior cats, and kittens in need of a forever home. Your cat will be forever grateful!
  2. Remember that a cat is a lifelong commitment. The average lifespan of a cat is 13-17 years, but it’s not unusual for cats to live to be 20!
  3. Do not have your cat de-clawed. This surgery is painful for cats and there are better ways to keep them from scratching. Clip your cat’s nails every 2-3 weeks and have a scratching post for him somewhere in your home. Sprinkle the scratching post with catnip to keep your kitty interested.
  4. Has your cat spayed or neutered? Cat overpopulation is a huge problem, so it is very important to have your cat fixed.
  5. Slowly introduce your cat to your home. It takes 1-2 weeks for a cat to get used to a new environment. To keep your cat from getting overwhelmed, introduce him to family members one at a time. It will take a little while for your new cat to be comfortable with everybody.
  6. Likewise, if you have other pets introduce your new cat to them slowly and on the cat’s “territory.” Sometimes animals don’t get along so it’s best to have a quiet room your cat can retreat to if she needs a break.
  7. All indoor cats require a litter box. Put the box in a discreet and easily accessible area. If you have a multi-level home then you should have a litter box on every floor. It’s important to clean it out regularly because cats will not use a messy box.
  8. Cats are mostly clean animals. Brush them frequently to keep your cat from getting hairballs.
  9. If your cat is meowing then that means he wants something from you. Eventually, you may be able to distinguish between your cat’s different meows. Meows are usually not heard between cats, so if your cat is meowing, he’s probably meowing at you!

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