Alabama All Veterans & Family Reunion

For all residents in and around Tuscaloosa, Alabama, get ready for the Fourth Annual Alabama Veterans and Family Reunion. The much-anticipated event will be fun and excitement for all veterans, their families, and loved ones. Be prepared for three days of activities that will appeal to the entire family. Come early and leave late, there is something for everyone. All United States Veterans deserve all of the appreciation that the nation’s people can give. Tuscaloosa is genuinely pioneering this effort. This has been a successful endeavor for over three years, and they are expecting even more on this year. The following are some of the events.

Annual Veterans Honor Walk

Bring your best walking shoes and join in this celebration walk. Walk in memory of someone who sacrificed their life for their country, or someone who is still serving, and you want to give a tribute. Walk in honor of a family member or a friend that could not be there. Walk to relieve stress or a burden. You can even walk just for the exercise. Whatever your reason may be for the walk, you will enjoy the comradery. Veterans appreciation day

Veterans Appreciation Day

This event will take place on the grounds of the Veterans Administration facility. It will be filled with music performed by the United States Army band, which is the pride of the army. Many other local performers will provide a variety of music for the entertainment of everyone. Included at this event will be a military vehicle exhibit. There will be activities especially for children like the inflatable bounce and walk which are favorites for all kids. Local businesses sponsor many events.

Food, Food, and More Food

There will be food to satisfy even the pickiest of pallets. Food designed for the tiny tots to the young at heart. The events will culminate with a dinner that will have you loosening the belt. The variety is enormous and will be provided by some of the most famous vendors in Tuscaloosa. The dinner is the only part of the event that requires a purchase. Tickets for the dinner must be paid for in advance for the meal.

All of the above and much much more is available at the fourth annual Alabama Veterans and Family Reunion. Help support the United States veterans by showing your love and appreciation during this three-day event. They gave all that they had to offer when they became part of the military. You can give back to them by letting them know that you appreciate their service.

Tuscaloosa Hyundai is proud of everyone that has served this country and hope you all have a great time at this amazing event!