Make a Difference: Beat Auburn, Beat Hunger

Beat Auburn, Beat Hunger

Participate in Beat Auburn, Beat Hunger and do your part to fight hunger within Tuscaloosa and the surrounding areas. This annual event is run by students at the University of Alabama, and has been since 1994. It is often abbreviated as BABH and is a chance for the entire community to get involved in one of the largest food drives in the country.

Now Until the Iron Bowl!

Beat Auburn, Beat Hunger starts six weeks before the famous Iron Bowl and goes until the big event to let people show their support for the University of Auburn while giving back to the community. During the food drive, BABH competes against both the Food Bank of East Alabama and Auburn University. The goal is to collect as many monetary donations and as much food as possible, helping out the local food bank. This good-natured competition is great for the community.

Past Totals

Taking a look at the total amount of food raised in the past competitions can give you a feel for how important BABH has become. Since it began in 1994, the competition between Alabama and Auburn has led to the two schools raising a combined 5.5 million pounds of food, all of which went directly to Alabamians in need. In 2016 alone, the University of Alabama collected 150,322 pounds of food. This included the equivalent of a whopping 44,120 pounds in monetary donations, 19,606 pounds from academics, 8,042 from the community, and more.

Ways to Donate

BABH makes it incredibly easy to donate to the cause, which is part of why it’s been able to raise so much food. You can give a monetary donation, keeping in mind that each dollar is the equivalent of two pounds of food. You can also donate items like canned goods and canned meats, peanut butter, granola bars, sauce with meat, and pasta in the red barrels found around Tuscaloosa and the campus itself. Or buy a General Shirt or Alumni Hall shirt; the proceeds of those amount to 24 and 10 pounds of food, respectively.

Participate in a Fundraising Event

To support Beat Auburn, Beat Hunger, you also can simply eat some of your favorite food on the right night. Many local businesses participate in BABH, donating a percentage of their profits for a particular night and time to the cause. There is a BABH Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser on Nov. 8. Check out the other fundraising days via the BABH Facebook events.

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