Spend a Day on the Best Trails in Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa Trails

You do not need a gym membership to exercise. Instead, you can easily burn off calories by hitting the trails in Tuscaloosa. Whether you want to ride a bike or stay on your feet, you can find a trail that meets your fitness needs. To get started, simply hop in the car, drive out to the trail, and get to work.

Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park

If you want to take a mountain biking adventure, visit Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park. It has 19.9 miles of trails that all vary in length. Take a trail that is almost four miles long, or go on a short one and loop back around. The trails are a mixture of gravel, pavement, and dirt. If you are not experienced with mountain biking, be sure to check each trail’s difficulty level before taking off.

Tuscaloosa Veterans Affairs Medical Center

You might not think of the VA when it comes to trails, but the Tuscaloosa Veterans Affairs Medical Center is the perfect place to go if you are interested in road running. Of the six miles of roads to run on, most are relatively flat. It is also dog friendly, so you can bring Fido along if he needs some exercise.

Lake Nicol

If you want to enjoy some hiking, Lake Nicol is the spot for you. It has a ton of different trails, and while hiking, you can enjoy beautiful views of cliffs and scenic vistas. Most hikers are able to complete the trails within an hour. With so much to take in, you might want to spend an extra hour just hanging out to enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax.

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