The Black Jacket Symphony Presents Journey’s ‘Escape’

The Black Jacket Symphony has mastered the art of recreating famous albums note-for-note, and this March, they will work their magic on Journey’s most popular record. Don’t miss them play Escape from start to finish live in Tuscaloosa!

When and Where

The Black Jacket Symphony will play at the Bama Theatre on Saturday, March 7 starting at 8 p.m. The venue is located at 600 Greensboro Avenue, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster starting at $24 per person.

When Journey Made Their Escape

While Journey was not exactly an unknown band by the 1980s, they had never before seen success like Escape would earn them.  The album released in the summer of 1981, and while critics may have missed the appeal, its storytelling and love songs resonated with audiences around the nation. Escape generated three chart-topping hits, including “Don’t Stop Believin’.” It also landed a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list. That November, Journey played two televised, sold-out shows in Texas, entertaining more than 20,000 people. In the following year, they would return to the studio to try to recapture that magic, but not before signing radio ad deals with major companies and even lending their name to their own arcade game.

 “Don’t Stop Believin’”

The hit song’s title came from advice that keyboardist Jonathan Cain received from his father. The young musician would often call home while struggling to carve out a career in Los Angeles, and his dear old dad would always encourage him to keep pursuing his dream. After tours around the world and millions of records sold, it’s clear that the perseverance paid off.

“Born and raised in South Detroit”

Singer Steve Perry penned the lyrics to “Don’t Stop Believin’” following a concert in Detroit, and he attempted to tie the moment to the place by writing that one of the song’s characters was born in the south side of town. He likely didn’t consult a map while visiting the Motor City, however, because locals don’t actually refer to any part of town as “South Detroit.” While there is an East Side and a West Side, the area directly below downtown is really Windsor, Canada.

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