Get To Know Black Warrior Riverkeeper

Black Warrior Riverkeeper

The Black Warrior Riverkeeper is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to “improving water quality, habitat, recreation, and public health” throughout the Black Warrior River watershed. The Black Warrior Riverkeeper has been a key defender of this watershed area for quite some time and has been instrumental in addressing potential pollution issues with the Black Warrior River watershed and bringing public awareness to the issue.

About The Black Warrior River

The Black Warrior River drains parts of 17 Alabama counties and covers 6,276 square miles in the state. According to the Riverkeeper’s website, the river is “home to over 1 million residents and contains 16,145.89 miles of mapped streams.”

Events That Help Support the Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s Mission

The organization hosts a variety of events throughout the year that help support their mission. Check out all their events online and be sure to participate to help out the Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s work.

You can also donate directly or volunteer to help out the organization. Black Warrior Riverkeeper was actually established in 2001 by volunteers and the group continues to rely on volunteers for advocacy and education in the community. Volunteer opportunities include being a part of the “action alert” response team, river cleanups, event publicity team, research/outreach opportunities, and letter writing to editors at newspapers.

Buy Coffee To Help The Riverkeeper’s Efforts

An easy way to help the Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s overall efforts is through a purchase of Black Warrior Riverkeeper Roast coffee. This blend from Higher Ground Coffee raises awareness for the organization through the coffee maker’s website, social media, and labels on the bags. Higher Ground donates 1% of the coffee’s sales directly back to Black Warrior Riverkeeper.

You can purchase the coffee online or at select stores throughout the area.

Purchase Black Warrior Riverkeeper Gear

Another way to support the Riverkeeper’s mission is to purchase apparel from the online store. Hats, t-shirts, dock markers, and bumper tags are all available for purchase via email at or by calling 205-458-0095.

One of The Best Ways To Support The Mission

If you notice or encounter pollution in the Black Warrior River watershed, the Riverkeeper offers an online notification feature on their website. All information can be submitted anonymously if you so choose. This is a vital means through which the organization can monitor conditions and take appropriate action when needed.

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