Visit an Upcoming Book Club Meeting in Alabama

Book Club

We’ve all heard before that “Reading is fundamental”. Well, if you feel the same way, then joining a nearby book club may be perfect for you! When you become a member of a book club, you have the opportunity to connect with other reading enthusiasts. Additionally, you can hear and consider other people’s perspectives of the books you read, providing you with a more in-depth view. If you are interested in being part of a group that encourages your bookworm behavior, look into joining one of these book clubs near you!

The Page Turners Book Club – Bessemer, AL

The Page Turners Book Club is sure to keep you longing for more as you turn each page of the books you read. Before your first meeting, be sure to contact the Bessemer Public Library to find out which book the group has decided to tackle for the month. This is a great way to meet other book lovers who enjoy reading just as much as you do! Sign up and discover some of the most interesting and entertaining books that the group can come up with. It’ll be an exciting experience to learn more as you discuss what you love or dislike about the monthly read. This group gets together on the third Tuesday of each month at 10 AM. Stop by their next meeting on May 16th. Anyone who loves to read is welcome to join!

Me Time Book Club – Tuscaloosa, AL

Any woman looking to take some time away would love becoming a member of Me Time Book Club. This group of friends started joining together to read books in November of 2011, and they haven’t stopped yet! Don’t worry about having to struggle to find your place within the friendship though – new members are always welcomed and encouraged. In addition to reading and discussing wonderful books, this group also participates in community service projects. Be sure to contact the group about attending their next meeting. (Remember, no spouses or children allowed.)

Bossypants Book Club – Homewood, AL

Do you enjoy delicious food and witty conversations? If so, the Bossypants Book Club is just for you! This book club is known to share in spiky humor and brutal honesty – but it’s all in fun and for the love of a good book. Meet the group across the street from the Homewood Public Library at Nabeel’s Cafe & Market on the third Monday of each month. Their upcoming meeting is on Monday, May 15th, from 6:30-8 PM. Can’t wait to see you there!

2017 NSL Book Club – Birmingham, AL

If you are a person who enjoys reading a variety of topics, this book club will fit you just right. The 2017 North Shelby Library Book Club is made up of a group of friendly book-lovers, and they welcome you to join. The group selects a variety of book styles, and each book is meant to spark discussion. Join in every third Thursday of the month, from 10:30 until 12 PM. Meetings are held in the upstairs conference room of the North Shelby Library.

Don’t miss out on the next meeting for the book club that appeals to you. Get into some of the latest books with other bookworms when you get involved this month! On your way there, be sure to stop by Tuscaloosa Hyundai for all your vehicle needs and concerns. Our highly trained professionals can have you on the road in no time at all.