Book Your Next Event At Heritage House

Place Setting

The Heritage House traces its history back to January of 1993, when the original owners opened with only a couple of coffee pumps and a few pastry offerings. In 2005, Rebekah Wanstall, took over the business with little knowledge of the coffee business but a palate that could recognize a good cup of joe and a determination to grow the Heritage House into something bigger. That is exactly what she did. Today, Heritage House offers 40 diverse coffees from across the globe, assorted teas, baked goods, lunches, and dinner. And it’s a perfect place for a party, which is why you should book your next event at Heritage House.


For events, Heritage House has two locations, and one of them is located just off the heart of downtown Tuscaloosa. You can walk to the Riverwalk, and there are three different rooms you can rent. The Fireplace Room is warm and cozy. It can seat as many 35 guests or accommodate a come and go crowd of 50. The Family Room can seat 25-35 guests or 45 come and go. The Gathering Room can seat 25 or host a group of 40 come and go guests.


On the other side of the Black Warrior River is their Towncenter location. With four rooms, it offers a darker, moodier vibe. Many couples find that it is perfect for weddings, bridal teas, or other functions. Choose between the Fireplace Room, Library Room, Conference Room, or Tea Room.

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Menu Items

Are you interested in eating lunch or dinner at Heritage House? There are many items on the menu that you might enjoy, such as a mushroom Swiss burger, blackened shrimp tacos, California club, chicken and cheese quesadilla, chicken satay, BLT sandwich, garden salad, Caesar salad, Greek salad, berries & goat cheese, turkey apple brie, turkey club wrap, veggie wrap, chicken salad, and much more.

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