Add Some Spice To Your Next Meal At Central Mesa

woman eating Mexican food outdoors

In the heart of downtown Tuscaloosa, you will find a few Mexican places. Although, there’s one that stands out because of its authentic Mexican dishes, and it’s Central Mesa. Central Mesa is a popular Mexican Restaurant for a reason. Tuscaloosa locals gather here when looking for that authentic, original, and fresh cultural meal. Not to mention, they have a wide variety of dishes, and it is almost guaranteed it will be hard for you to find something you don’t love. Therefore, if you are on the hunt for a local Mexican restaurant that you will love, try Central Mesa! You will be supporting a small business as well.

Central Mesa’s Story

Established in 2017, Central Mesa had three goals: offer fresh food, fresh ingredients, and made from scratch meals. To this day, they still abide by these three goals and do an even more amazing job accomplishing them. Everything that comes out of the kitchen at Central Mesa is made from scratch with fresh ingredients to ensure the highest quality of Mexican food.

The Central Mesa Mission

Just like all places, Central Mesa focuses on quality. Although, one thing that makes them stand out is they also focus on the atmosphere. Central Mesa takes pride in being a place people can gather with their friends, family, and coworkers to enjoy an authentic meal and great fellowship. They try to create a relaxed atmosphere that coordinates with the historic vibe of the rest of downtown Tuscaloosa.

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The Menu

Central Mesa has a wide variety of options on the menu. Each item may not be a traditional Mexican dish, but it incorporates the cultural flavor in the dish somehow. For example, there is an appetizer famously known as “Mesa Fries” on the menu. We know fries aren’t traditionally considered a Mexican dish, but Central Mesa adds their touch to make it taste like it. In addition, they also have seafood dishes, meat-focused dishes, and salads. Therefore, there is something for everyone at Central Mesa. If you’re not a Mexican Food lover but your friends are, this place is the perfect gathering place for you.

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