3 Renowned Chain Restaurants that Originated in Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa Chain Restaurants

There are many great restaurants in  Tuscaloosa, AL, but not all of them get the opportunity to branch out and become chain restaurants. Here are a few of the chain restaurants from Tuscaloosa that were able to branch out.

Dreamland BBQ

“1958 was a big year for Tuscaloosa. Not only was it the first year that Paul “Bear” Bryant started coaching at Alabama, it was also the year that John “Big Daddy” Bishop opened his first Dreamland Café.” If you go to the Dreamland BBQ website about us page, this is the first thing you’ll read. But there’s much more to this original barbecue joint. John “Big Daddy” Bishop built the Tuscaloosa dreamland by hand, and it still stands today! “In the beginning, it wasn’t just ribs and white bread…” the age goes on to say. Turns out, Dreamland used to sell everything under the sun, including postage stamps to anyone who needed them. Although over the years, it has become famous for its secret recipe BBQ sauce, that is now sold at grocery stores all over the southeast. Dreamland BBQ now has 10 different locations and a food truck. People just can’t get enough of the legendary ribs, service, and sweet southern atmosphere.

Taco Casa

Founder, President, and CEO of Taco Casa, Rod Wilkin is a native of Kansas, but in 1967, he was introduced to the great state of Alabama as a University of Alabama Football player. But it wasn’t until 1974 that this local classic was founded. After many trials, and with combined luck and work ethic, Rod finally created Tuscaloosa’s “most unique restaurant, Taco Casa. His goal was to offer the finest and freshest ingredients prepared only after the customer ordered, and as a result, ensure hot, delicious food. The Tuscaloosa location was further known the have the coldest beer in town and became a landmark where a lot of local Tuscaloosa residents ate their first taco. To this day, Taco Casa remains one of the most famous Tuscaloosa restaurants. A totally of 7 locations, 6 of which are in Tuscaloosa, taco casa is an absolute classic. Click here to visit their website, and make sure you drive over and visit your Taco Casa today.

Chuck’s Fish

The story of Chuck’s fish is a newer one. The restaurant opened in 2006 after Charles Morgan III had the idea to open a restaurant that would showcase the finest seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. The original location is in downtown Tuscaloosa at 508 Greensboro Ave, but Charles later opened 2 more locations in Birmingham and Mobile, AL. Chuck’s Fish is a high – end restaurant that prides itself on the freshness of its seafood. All seafood comes from Charles Margan’s own wholesale market in Destin, Fl. In addition to that, Chuck’s offers naturally aged beef, and an award-winning sushi bar. So if you’re looking for a top-notch dining experience with stellar service and a great atmosphere, visit Chuck’s fish today, or click here to browse their menus and locations.

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