Check out Tour de Tuscaloosa & the Druid City Arts Fest

Druid City Arts Fest Tuscaloosa

Beautiful Tuscaloosa, Alabama situated on the serene Black Warrior River. Known as the Druid City for the water oaks planted around its downtown streets in the 1840’s. The cultural hub of West Alabama brings to you for the 8th annual Druid City Arts Festival in conjunction with the Tour De Tuscaloosa bicycle race.

Druid City Arts Festival

Started in 2010 with a dream from several Creative Campus freshman from the University of Alabama. With the intent to create a festival to celebrate community, arts, and culture in Tuscaloosa. The Druid City Arts Fest has continued every year since even boasting a full line up of musicians in 2013 and an attendance of over 7,500. In 2013 Creative Campus also joined forces with the Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports to ensure the Druid City Arts Fest continuing for may years to come. The event is Saturday, April 8th at the Government Plaza and is free for all who join!

Tour De Tuscaloosa

In conjunction with the Druid City Arts Festival is Alabama’s leading bike race know as the Tour De Tuscaloosa. This free, family-friendly event is brought to you by VeloCity Pro Cycle and the Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports. It is happening alongside the Druid City Arts Fest with a road race planned for the very next day.

The Druid City Arts Festival is a phenomenal way to get outside and appreciate the emergence of spring. Come down and enjoy the sun, community, and great local artists. Adore local music and eat celebrated local food. There is not a better way to spend a Saturday evening in Tuscaloosa. The Druid City Arts Fest and Tour De Tuscaloosa have so much to offer, fun for the whole family and for all ages. The best part is all this pleasure can be had for the low, low price of free! Be sure to mark April 8th on your calendar and head on down to the Government Plaza. Be a part of the community and have a blast doing so!