Take Your Children To Explore At The Children’s Hands-On Museum Of Tuscaloosa


Are you always looking for new fun activities to do with your children? If so, you’re like a lot of parents out there. During the winter months, it can seem like there’s not that much that’s going on. Therefore, you may find yourself inside with your kids day after day, just looking for something fresh and entertaining to do. So, why not take them out to the Children’s Hands-On Museum of Tuscaloosa? There’s so much to do at this museum that you will find yourself wanting to spend hours at a time here. Wondering what you can see and do when you visit? Check out the details.

Lil’ Sprouts Farmers Market

It’s essential for kids to learn all about where their food comes from, and that’s just what they’ll discover when you take them to the Lil’ Sprouts Farmers Market exhibit. Not only is this exhibit adorable, but it will teach your little ones so much about food production. Plus, they’ll have a ton of fun playing with the fake food in the process.

Once Upon a Farm

If you are bringing young children under the age of 3, then you’re going to want to make a stop at Once Upon a Farm. It has a ton of age-appropriate toys and games for the littlest kids in your group, and they are sure to have a lot of fun there. There is even a nursing nook for moms who may want some extra privacy.

The Arts Studio

You probably want to raise your children to be well-rounded individuals, which is why it’s so vital for them to learn all about the arts. Take them to The Arts Studio exhibit and see just how creative they can get. You may even be surprised at what they come up with.

Japanese House

It’s also important for little ones to know about different cultures, which is why the Japanese House exhibit is such a cool spot. It’s designed like a real Japanese home, so children will get to see the world through the lens of a completely different culture. Just watch out – you may have a world traveler in the making.

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Space Station

For all the kids who want to go to outer space, you can’t beat the Space Station exhibit. It really doesn’t get more exciting than this.

With everything to see and do at this children’s museum, you should definitely stop by sometime soon.