Cool Off At Hurricane Creek This Spring

Girl playing in a mountain stream

As spring and summer are quickly approaching, you may be looking for some fun places to swim. Sure, there are tons of public pools and recreation centers to go to, but if you are looking for a way to experience nature just a little more, consider cooling off at Hurricane Creek.

More about the Creek

Hurricane Creek is a blue spring that is great for swimming, bringing your dogs, and having a picnic. The spring resembles a beach-type area with sand that gradually leads you into the water. The creek itself is not that deep so it is great for dogs and people that are not strong swimmers but still wish to cool off. Hurricane Creek has not always been what it is today though. It can be said to be a “Stream in recovery.” After many natural weather disasters, the creek has seen better days but now has become a great place to swim and gather. Hurricane Creek is the last free-flowing creek that is visible before the Black Warrior River. Hurricane Creek has been a popular spot for University Students since the 1950s.

Surrounding Area’s

The best thing about Hurricane Creek is that there are surrounding areas that are great for just enjoying the outdoors. If you don’t want to swim, consider grabbing your hammock, hosting a picnic, or just enjoying a good book by the cool creek. There are surrounding parks that are great for play and field games as well. Therefore, Hurricane Creek is a great place to kick back, relax, cool off, or just enjoy the outdoors.

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Geographic’s of Hurricane Creek

Being a natural swimming area, Hurricane Creek has some cool geographic features that people don’t realize. Sand, gravel, clay, and ironstone are what make up the unique area. The plants that fill the area are stunning, but in addition, the backdrop setting is nothing like you have ever seen. The scenery includes but is not limited to tall sandstone cliffs with beautiful formations and a creek with sandstone boulders. Between February and May, you will be able to see a wide variety of beautiful wildflowers bloom all around the banks and on the bend of the creek.

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