Don’t Miss A-Day on April 22

Those Tuscaloosa families that are into football may be excited to hear about the A-Day spring football game. This is something that will give your family a chance to celebrate all that football is at a time when football is not mentioned much and when you do not have a lot of opportunities to watch it being played. The A-Day game is a great opportunity for your family to connect and enjoy football together.

Details of the A-Day Game

This annual scrimmage will take place on Saturday, April 22nd. You and your family can watch the game for free. The game will begin at 2:00 pm, and it is open to anyone who would like to watch a great football battle take place.

Excitement of Football in Tuscaloosa

If you are someone who loves the world of football, then you may be looking for some kind of opportunity to enjoy the game in the springtime. You will find that the A-Day game is the perfect opportunity for you to get out and watch the sport that you love in a setting that is different, in a time that is special. At the A-Day game, you and many other Tuscaloosa families will have the chance to cheer on a number of great players and to watch them compete on the field.

A-Day Game: Pregame

Before the A-Day game starts up, you may want to watch a special ceremony of sorts that will be taking place. Before the game, Alabama’s permanent team captains will be pressing their hands and cleats into cement outside Bryant-Denny Stadium. This is history in the making and a great opportunity for your family to check out.

If you are looking forward to Fall and the official start of the football season, then you should definitely be excited about this game. Hop into a vehicle from Tuscaloosa Hyundai and check out the A-Day game and all that it offers.