Find Local Goods at the Makers Market

Makers Market

If you are in search of something unique or just want to support a local business, then stop by the Makers Market. This Tuscaloosa store has an incredible selection of locally made goods and is the largest craft mall in West Alabama. Best of all, it’s open six days every week, so you can go buy one-of-a-kind items almost whenever you want.

About the Market

The Makers Market opened in September 2012, and it has since increased the sense of community within the area. The market is an outlet for artists and crafters in the area while providing shoppers with a unique experience. The market has the goal of providing local crafters and artists with an inviting storefront where they can sell their gear without having to put in the time and money to run their own store. The Makers Market is in a spacious historic building Downtown and is its own locally owned gift shop.

Meet the Owners

The owners of the Makers Market, Beth and David Milis, have been in the business of retail for years. Four years after moving to Tuscaloosa, Beth noticed a lack of options for homemade items in the area. So, she decided to open a store. Since she previously sold her own quote items in a store with a similar setup, she knew what a difference the Makers Market could make. Beth and David are helped along by Fat Elvis, the shop dog.

Some of the Items

It’s impossible to concisely list all of the types of items you will find for sale at the Makers Market, but you can try. Those who want something to wear can check out the jewelry, children’s clothing, baby goods, tie-dye garments, hair bows, scarves, and knit caps. If you want something practical, look at the furniture, porch swings, pottery, fine woven goods, afghans, natural soaps, wood toys, or walking sticks. For those in search of artwork, check out the folk art, glass etching, quilts, paintings, drawings, religious items, home décor, and more.


Within the Makers Market, you will also find a delicious bakery, SweetHomeChicago. Some of the baked goods are always available, while others require advanced ordering. You can find a range of breads, cakes, and even pound cakes that will remind you of your grandma’s baking.

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