Fun Activities and Games in Tuscaloosa

Fun activities

Tuscaloosa has a lot of fun activities to keep you busy both day and night. If you are ready to have some fun, grab a few friends or some family members and head out to check out some of these great activities and games.


Bring your friends and family to Breakout to test your problem-solving abilities and your abilities to tolerate each other. In this game, you have to solve puzzles in a locked room to find your way out. You have to work together, and you only have a limited amount of time. It’s fun to play with family and friends.

Uptown Art

If you want to get creative, take your friends and family to Uptown Art. You can take classes to learn how to paint and draw, or you can arrange to have painting parties. At these parties, you and your group pick the images you want to paint and then do so to create your own impressive pieces of art.

Escape Tuscaloosa

Escape Tuscaloosa is another escape game for groups of friends or even groups of strangers. You have an hour to find your way out of a locked room. You have to solve puzzles and look for clues that will lead you to the key to get out. Very few people make it out in time. It’s fun for everyone, and you are guaranteed to laugh.

UpSurge Trampoline Park

If you want to do something that involves physical activity, UpSurge Trampoline Park is a great place to spend the afternoon or the whole day. You can pick a time to jump and enjoy an entire building full of trampolines. Jump, flip, and fly all over the place. You will probably go home tired and maybe even a little sore.

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Leland Lanes

Who doesn’t love a good game of bowling at Leland Lanes? You can find the perfect ball, the right pair of shoes, and a good lane that will have you knocking down pins for hours. It’s fun and affordable entertainment for the entire family or even a large group of friends. Don’t be afraid to get a little competitive. You may find that you are a good bowler and even decide to join a league.

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