Get Some Fresh Air At The Riverwalk

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As the holidays can be a bit overwhelming, gathering in homes, staying inside to avoid the chilly weather, and spending hours in the kitchen, you may need some fresh air. The Tuscaloosa Riverwalk is the perfect place to unwind, decompress, and get some fresh air. Located alongside The Black Warrior River is the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk. This Tuscaloosa attraction is a paved path that is large enough for bikers, hikers, and runners. The Riverwalk is enjoyable no matter how you choose to spend your visit.

Parks Along the Riverwalk

As you are walking along the Riverwalk, you will notice there are some great stopping points. These areas are great for hanging a hammock or even bringing your furry friend to for a game of fetch. These parks have a variety of benches, gazebo’s, and picnic tables for relaxing or just a spot for a quick break.

How Long of  a Hike

The Tuscaloosa Riverwalk is a total of 4.5 miles in length if you start at Capital Park and end at The East side of Manderson Landing. You can also start at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre loop. You can use the amphitheater parking for convenience and begin your walk. If you start there, it is approximately 4.2 miles. Keep in mind, you don’t have to walk the entire trail. There are great stopping points for turning around, and if you want to start somewhere else, there are several other starting points, such as the Riverfront Village Apartments or the park located on Jack Warner Parkway.

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Features of the Riverwalk

The Riverwalk is not a dirt path, as it is paved. It features many awesome bridges, docks, and hills to make for a scenic and interesting hike. The bridges date far back into the history of Tuscaloosa. Not only will you be taken back by the beautiful views of The Black Warrior River itself, but the bridges and architecture are truly breathtaking.

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