Become A Golf Guru With These Hacks

Smiling man in cap and sunglasses playing golf

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is full of golf courses, making it the ideal spot to work on your game. Before you load up your clubs and hit the links, check out some golf hacks that will transform you from a beginner into a guru.

Don’t Start With Lessons

You might need lessons down the road. However, start by getting a feel for the clubs and learning the basic dynamics. Then, you can take lessons later, after you have a love for the game. Your instructor can fine-tune your game based on what you already know.

Watch Your Hips and Shoulders

Your hips and shoulders play a major role in how successful you are on the golf course. Many players keep their shoulders level when turning during their swings, making it seem like they are looking back to see who is behind them. Instead of doing that, copy the greats by tilting the shoulder closest to the target. You will also turn your shoulders, but tilting will keep your ball straight.

You also need to turn your hips. Your tips should turn toward the target when your club meets the ball. Again, this will help you keep the ball straight.

Set Up Based on the Club You’re Using

You’ll use an assortment of clubs when you’re on the links. If you’re going to be successful, you need to set up based on the club you’re using. When using a short club such as a wedge, you need to hit the ball during your swing’s descent. To accomplish that, set up so the ball is just behind your sternum. With that setup, you can expect to hit the ball cleanly.

On the other hand, if you’re using your driver, your ball needs to be at the front of your foot. This will allow you to drive for distance.

Don’t Use Too Many Clubs at First

While you’ll use an assortment of clubs, you don’t need a ton of them when you first start playing. You need a driver, hybrid, 7-iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter when you first start playing. These six clubs will help you build a skillset. Also, you can slowly add additional clubs to the mix. You’ll discover which clubs you like using and which ones you prefer to leave in your bag or at home.

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Tee Up the Iron on Tight Fairways

You might feel a little nervous when you first start playing. Golf courses can get crowded, so you might have an audience when you tee up. If you’re on a tight fairway, consider using your 7-iron instead of a driver. It’s easier to keep the ball on the fairway with the iron, so you’ll have more confidence.

Use these tips to improve your skills and confidence. Then, you will find yourself becoming increasingly competitive on the golf course.

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