Get in the Halloween Spirit with These Haunted Tuscaloosa Tours

Halloween Haunted Tours

Halloween isn’t just a time for candy and costumes. It’s also a time for thrills and chills. What better way to experience those scares than on a haunted tour? Check out a couple of cool tours, and get ready to get into the Halloween spirit. These tours will let you in on the state’s haunted history so you will finally find out what’s been going on behind the scenes in Alabama.

Haunted Tuscaloosa Tours

Enjoy all of the thrills and chills of a haunted tour right in your backyard with Haunted Tuscaloosa Tours. This stagecoach tour takes you to various haunted locations, and you will also get out and walk to some locations. It doesn’t matter if you believe in ghosts or not. You’ll still have a ton of fun. You’ll learn some interesting history about the area, and you’ll hear some cool stories that you’ll want to share with your friends.

If you have young kids, this probably isn’t the tour for them. It can be pretty scary for the young ones, but it’s just scary enough for adults. As an adult, you can handle the haunted cemetery, and you’ll love listening to the Alabama Paranormal Research Group go over some haunted stories with you. You might have a little trouble sleeping at night after you learn more about Tuscaloosa.

Birmingham Ghost Walk

You can also take a short drive to Birmingham and go on the Birmingham Ghost Walk. The Birmingham Historic Touring Company offers this tour. You will explore some of the city’s most famous buildings, only this time, you will learn about the sinister history behind them.

The tour guides are extremely well informed, and they will load you down with information, but they keep it light and fun. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to Birmingham a million times. You’ll still learn a lot on this tour. Plus, you can go on the tour over and over again and learn something new each time. The guides always seem to manage to slip something new into the tour. That’s why you’ll often find repeat customers on the tour.


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