Hiring the Best Entertainment for Your Child’s Party

Tuscaloosa Kid Party Entertainment

If you happen to live in or near the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area and have children, there are several options for making their birthday and holiday parties memorable. These occasions are very photo-worthy and will probably create many lasting memories for everyone that attends. Parties should be fun and happy occasions for your child. Therefore, the following party entertainers and companies do their best to make it so.

Princess & Hero Parties By Treble Makers

If your daughter, granddaughter or niece loves a Disney Princesses classics, or your son, grandson or nephew loves a Super Hero’s contact, this is the entertainment for you. Treble Makers Music School has a wide range of Talented Princesses and Hero’s that would be perfect for your next party! They have both singing and non-singing princesses, and most of these entertainers have very heavy backgrounds in opera and theater.

Treble Makers Princess & Hero Parties

Twinkle Productions

If face painting, balloon art, and magic shows are you and your child’s idea of an awesome party experience, contact Twinkle Productions. Themed parties, a live singing Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a Christmas Elf are available for holiday parties or birthdays that happen to fall near Christmas. The Easter Twinkle Bunny is perfect for parties that fall near Easter. The Twinkle Mouse and Fairy are available for a wide variety of other themed parties. Each of these entertainers can be booked for $85 per hour.

Face painting is available for up to one hour, and up to 15 children and a puppet show can be added for another $10. Balloon artists are also available offering a wide variety of balloon sculptures.  There are three choices of Balloon Guy, Magic Sam or Pirate Captain. Pirate Captain sings, tells stories and makes pirate-themed balloons. Balloon Guy and Magic Sam are $95 per hour, and Pirate Captain is $100 per hour. If you have a daughter, granddaughter or niece who is 10 or under and loves make-up, an hour-long Glamour party would be perfect. It is available to accommodate up to about 12 girls and is $85 per hour.

Twinkle Productions Tuscaloosa Parties

Bricks for Kidz

If building with LEGOS and making model buildings are your child’s idea of a fun time, Bricks for Kidz is perfect for that. There are three party package choices. Choose between the Deluxe, Premier and the Workz Party package. The first is catered to up to 10 kids for 2 hours and is $200. (Pay $8.00 for each extra child if the party will consist of more than 10). It also includes a Bricks for Kidz t-shirt for the birthday child, which is $8 for each additional child. The Premier includes everything that the Deluxe does, but is catered to up to 15 children for two hours and is $250. The Workz Party is like the Deluxe and Premiere, but caters to up to 20 children for two hours.

*Every 30 minutes beyond the scheduled two hours is $50. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required on the day that you schedule. You must bring your own food and paper supplies.

Bricks for Kidz Tuscaloosa Parties

Captain Tomorrow Knight

Captain Tomorrow Knight performs interactive pirate-themed comedy magic shows. He typically performs for about 45 minutes with prices starting at $115. He usually picks one child to act as the stage assistant. (The birthday child is the perfect stagehand candidate). He runs his shows exclusively for the children’s delight. Captain Tommorrow Knight is well-known as one of Tuscaloosa’s favorite magicians, bringing kids two things they all truly love, Pirates and Magic!

Captain Tomorrow Knight Tuscaloosa Parties

If you want your child to have the best time for his or her birthday party or a holiday party, just contact any of the above. Whether your child likes Magic or LEGOS, you can give them the best party memory ever! Parents in Tuscaloosa have so many options to choose from, making it easy for your child to have the best time possible.

Tuscaloosa Hyundai is wishing you and your child the most memorable celebration you’ve ever had!