Check Out These Historic Plantation Homes

Old Southern Plantation homes

You don’t have to read a history book or watch an old movie to get a blast from the past. Alabama has various plantations that will take you back in time and show you how life used to be. Drive by these homes or stop in for a tour where available. You will get a much better understanding of your state’s history when you see these homes.

Wakefield Plantation

The Wakefield Plantation is in Furman and dates back to the 1840s. Built by the Gulley family, the architect designed it in the Steamboat Gothic style. The spacious home is close to 6,000 square feet and boasts 12 rooms. It also has 12 fireplaces and porches on every side of the house. This home isn’t available for tours since it is a private residence, but it is part of the city’s historic district. You can still drive by and get a look.

Gaineswood Plantation

The Gaineswood Plantation is located in Demopolis and is a great example of the Greek Revival style of architecture. It took close to 20 years to complete this home. Construction started in 1843, and it ended in 1861. It is part of the National Register of Historic Places and is also a National Historic Landmark. This historic home is open to the public every day but Monday. It is also available for hosting events, including weddings and reunions.

Underwood Plantation

The Underwood Plantation is commonly referred to as the Black Thistle Plantation and was built in 1837. This home is located in Pleasant Hill and utilizes the Greek Revival style of architecture. It is on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage. This historic antebellum home is a private residence, so you can’t go inside. You can drive by and see it for yourself, though.

Belle Mont Mansion

Built in Tuscumbia between 1828-1832, the Belle Mont Mansion is a Jeffersonian-style plantation home. Historians still don’t know who designed this home, but Thomas Jefferson’s style and ideas are seen throughout the mansion. The mansion is open to the public, and you can make an appointment for a tour.

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