Bring The Family For Some Jumping Fun At UpSurge

Happy mom and her kid lying on trampoline at childrens playground,

After the holidays and all the sweets, your kiddos are bound to have loads and loads of energy. Maybe the local park or playing in the yard just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick to get all that energy out. UpSurge, the Tuscaloosa Trampoline park is guaranteed to not only entertain your little one for hours, but it will leave them exhausted after the fact. Not to mention, it really is a great family activity. No matter your age, as long as you are physically able, it can be a great time to jump around.

Obstacle Courses

You may be thinking “It’s just a room full of trampolines” but you are wrong. UpSurge contains obstacles that hang above the trampolines in one area to keep it interesting and allows to change up the activity and while still jumping. The obstacle course is full of hanging monkey bars, rope walls, things to swing on, and so much more.

The Foam Pit

This is an attraction that the kids will not get enough of. Jumping high into the air and landing in a sea full of foam squares is every kid’s dream. It can be predicted kids could spend hours at this one specific attraction.

Plan Your Next Party

UpSurge is a great place for a birthday party. Imagine your kiddos jumping around with a bunch of their school friends or sports teams. Although each legal guardian is required to sign a waiver for their child to engage in trampoline play, it still can be a great time.

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Grip Socks

UpSurge wants to keep their place as clean and sanitary as possible and that is why they require you buy a pair of the Grip Socks. The Grip Socks are $3 a pair and will help kids maintain traction to prevent broken bones,  sweaty bare feet, and the spread of bacteria from their own socks. Not all Grip Socks will work on the trampolines so UpSurge has plenty for your kids to put on. This is the best way to keep your kids safe!

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