Keep Your Skin Healthy All Summer

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Tired of aimlessly browsing the drugstore beauty aisle looking for products that will work on your skin? Summertime skincare doesn’t have to be stressful or make your wallet hurt. While the wintertime is more drying, the hot air and sun exposure can be damaging to your skin. Read over these summer skincare tips before you pout in front of the mirror.

Wear SPF Always

One of the best ways to take care of your skin and ease aging is by adding SPF to your daily skincare routine. Not only will it keep the wrinkles off, but wearing sunscreen will highly reduce your chances of getting skin cancer. When you are browsing different brands, go with a face-friendly sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF, lip protection, and broad-spectrum protection. If you want to double the protection, wear a hat or visor to protect your scalp and long pants and shirts to protect your entire body when you are out in the sun.

Stay Moisturized

The sun can be very drying, so it’s important to add a heavy moisturizer to your nighttime routine. For your morning skincare routine, you can use a two-in-one moisturizer that also has SPF.

Lighter Makeup Look

Many use makeup to cover up blemishes, but what if your makeup products are causing summertime breakouts? When you sweat with makeup on, the sweat clogs your pores. Take care of your skin by skipping a heavy makeup look this summer.

Start Exfoliating

Exfoliate once or twice a week to shed dead skin. After using an exfoliator, be sure to apply a heavy moisturizer, as these products are drying.

Read the Labels

Don’t feel like you have to spend tons of money on products to get the skin you love. Once you establish a routine with products that don’t contain harmful products, you will notice a big difference. Start with affordable skincare products that contain simple ingredients.

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