Kickstarters in Tuscaloosa

Kickstarter Campaigns Tuscaloosa

Kickstarter is an excellent way for you to take a project and get it funded by the public. This is a lot faster of a method than those traditional methods such as finding an investor to fund the entire project. Instead, many people can donate smaller amounts, so they don’t feel that they have to fund the costs of the whole project.

Barnyard Roundup

Barnyard Roundup is a game where the objective is to bluff your way to having the most valuable animals. Overall this game will provide hours of fun and excitement for kids as young as six years old or as old as any adult as one way to add to the fun is to make noises of the animal you are trying to bluff with.

Monarch Espresso Bar

Started by a newly married couple who are University of Alabama alumni, Monarch Espresso Bar is a coffee bar that is designed to bring a great communal vibe to the city. Without a doubt, Monarch will be a great hang out spot for those in the Tuscaloosa area.

Trial of the Clone: A Choosable Path Gamebook

Trial of the Clone: A Choosable Path Gamebook is a sci-fi comedy where the person chooses their own pathway and revives points and items based on the decisions that they make. This is a game that gives you an excuse to sit back and think before you make a certain decision or proceed down a particular path.

The Proper Collar

The Proper Collar is designed to help and reduce and eliminate the chances of strangulation by collars. The way that it works is through a magnet that is designed to breakaway to reduce the chance for an animal to be choked.

Southern Fried Scribes: A Free Summer Writing Workshop

Southern Fried Scribes: A Free Summer Writing Workshop is a Kickstarter raising money to be able to offer free workshops to the kids of area high schools in Tuscaloosa. Over the course of eight weeks, the goal is to help and improve the creative writing process that many students struggle with on a regular basis.

As you can see, there are a large number of projects that you can donate to and help many people in the area to have a chance at their project actually coming to life. Helping out in your community is such an import thing to do and here at Tuscaloosa Hyundai our specialty is helping you find the vehicle that best fits your lifestyle. Come see us today!