Make Your Own Fire Pit for Upcoming Winter Nights

Now that the colder weather is well on its way, you may be feeling bummed out. After all, during this time of year, it’s not possible to enjoy the outdoors, right? Actually, that’s not true – if you know how to make things comfortable for yourself. If you want to enjoy your backyard all season long, you should prepare for the upcoming colder nights by building your own fire pit. That may sound complicated, but it’s a lot easier than you may be thinking. Take a look at how to do this DIY project, and you will see just how simple it can be.

Create a Foundation

First of all, you’re going to want to create a foundation for your fire pit with bricks you pick up at your local garden supply store. You’ll want to take time to make sure that this foundation is really solid and sturdy – it’s going to be the basis for the rest of the fire pit, after all.

Build the Sides

Once your foundation is nice and strong, you can focus on building up the sides with blocks. You’ll want to build the sides high enough to keep the fire from escaping but not too high. While you’re doing this, you’ll want to step back every now and then to ensure that you are keeping the fire pit level.

Clear Around the Perimeter

You don’t want a bunch of grass and weeds to be growing into your new fire pit, so make sure you clear around the perimeter of the pit. You can easily do this by hand. However, after you’re done, you may want to add some weed killer just to ensure this area stays clear.

Add River Rock

Once you’ve taken all those steps, you’re almost done. Now, you have to add the river rock to the bottom of your fire pit. This is what your fire will rest on when you light it for the first time. Spread the river rock evenly and smoothly, and make sure you use enough of it – you don’t want to see patches of dirt showing through.

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Design Your Seating Area

You’ll want to have a nice place to sit and enjoy the fire, right? That’s why you should design the perfect seating area. Add some chairs, so it’s nice and cozy and everyone can roast s’mores by the fire.

See? That wasn’t too hard, was it? Try creating your own fire pit today.