Music and Miracles Superfest

Music and Miracles Superfest

There may not be many reasons other than an Iron Bowl game that residents of Tuscaloosa head to Auburn, Alabama, but the Music and Miracles Superfest is one event that Country Music fans aren’t going to want to miss!

Music with a Cause

The Music and Miracles Superfest brings together amazing musicians to support two causes at the at the Chicken Salad Chick FoundationFighting Cancer and Feeding the Hungry. This was first begun by the late Kevin Brown, his wife Stacy Brown, and the CSC Foundation(founded to feed the hungry). Kevin was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and wanted to take this negative and turn it into an opportunity to help others with cancer and to continue to feed those in need. Although there have been tremendous strides made in modern medicine, the fight against cancer continues!

He and Stacy continued to dedicate themselves to these worthy causes through contributions to help end hunger here on American soil. They wanted to make a difference from Washington to Tuscaloosa, to New York, to the San Francisco Bay, and all the way down to BIG ALABAMA! Though Kevin has passed away, Stacy continues the vision in 2017. What better way to help heal than raising money while lifting spirits.

Incredible Country Music Lineup

An All-Star lineup of Country Music Artists is coming together for a HIGHER PURPOSE. Music & Miracles Superfest will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2017 and the lineup includes:

With a lineup like this, it’s easy to see how music has the power to heal. The festival will be held at Jordan-Hare Stadium, in Auburn, Alabama, and will offer a little something for the entire family to enjoy!

With such an incredible selection of artists supporting two fantastic causes, it is well worth the drive from Tuscaloosa to Auburn to Jordan-Hare Stadium. If you’re willing to put college football team allegiances aside for one evening, we can all come together for a great cause! Drive to the festival in style with a quality vehicle from Tuscaloosa Hyundai.