Nobody Is A Stranger At Monarch

Steam rising from a white cup of hot coffee with a spoon on a saucer over a wooden table in the cafe. Close-up of a refreshing hot cup of a coffee at a cafe.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes you need a place to unwind and feel like you can be yourself. For Tuscaloosa residents, that place is the Monarch Espresso Bar. Created by two University of Alabama grads, this coffee shop is the place for those who need to take a break from their business with a cup of coffee. Located in a lively college town, the Monarch aims to be at the center of those who call Tuscaloosa home. Whether that is a young family or college students. Visit the Monarch to try any of the delicious items on the menu.


The Monarch serves its patrons with an exceptional menu of classic coffee drinks such as batch-brewed coffee, decaf pour-overs, lattes, and cappuccinos. Espresso and cortados are also offered. If you prefer your coffee cold, then the Monarch also has a fine cold brew and iced coffee. The coffee shop also offers a variety of in-house syrups that include, vanilla, honey, honey cinnamon, caramel, mocha, and rose lavender.


While nothing can beat classic coffee drinks, every now and then you need a little treat. The Monarch understands this, which is why they offer a great selection of specialty drinks. Need something cold to drink? Order The Eurythmic, which is the Monarch’s vanilla sweet cream cold brew. Want something a little darker and more decadent? Try the Zegel, which is a dark chocolate mocha.


If you need a break from the java, the Monarch provides an array of green, herbal, and black teas. For a refreshing cup of tea, you may want to order the Moroccan Mint green tea. Looking for tropical notes in your tea? Then try the Tropical Blend herbal tea or the Coconut Lavender herbal tea. The Tropical Blend has notes of honey, apple, mango, orange, and papaya.

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If you are feeling a little peckish when you visit the Monarch, then rest assured that the coffee shop also offers a selection of brunch items. For a treat that has a little bit of everything, try the Granola Bowl which includes toasted coconut, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, oats, Greek yogurt, and honey. The Monarch also provides brunch favorites like avocado toast and bagel sandwiches.

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