New Tech Coming To The 2023 Sonata

Innovative car technology
The all-new 2023 Hyundai Sonata has a sultry sportiness that infuses the entire design. The appealing lines and curves of the exterior add an intense allure to the five-seat sedan. However, the aesthetics of the car, while impressive, aren't the biggest highlight of the 2023 Sonata. What is? The wealth... [read more]

Simplicity Is Best At FIVE

cheeseburger and fries on plate served at restaurant
When you head out for dinner, you can't go wrong if everything on the menu looks like a winner. Plan your next meal at FIVE in Tuscaloosa to see how savory simplicity can be! The Art of Simplicity Why is this restaurant named after a number? It’s all for simplicity’s sake. At... [read more]

Start Preparing For Back To School

Using laptop for studying outdoor
If you're about to be a first-time student in the great city of Title Town, it won't be long before you're walking across campus, headed to your first college class. Whether you feel thrilled, a little nervous, or somewhere in between, we are here to fill you in on a... [read more]

Feast On Seafood At The Juicy Crab

Bowl of cooked mussels on napkin.
Craving seafood? Whether you love it fried or you’re looking for a traditional crawfish boil with all the sides, it’s all there on the menu at The Juicy Crab. For Starters Before the entrees ever appear, you can order from a selection of seafood starters and fried fare. Seafood appetizers include popcorn... [read more]

Make Sure Your Tires Are Road Safe

Using a penny to check tread depth on a tire
The tires on your vehicle are its only points of contact with the road. They’re essential to your safety as well as the vehicle’s performance, so it’s vital to keep reliable tires on your car wherever you go. Wear and tear are inevitable, and even the most durable tires eventually... [read more]

Keep Your Skin Healthy All Summer

young woman doing her morning skincare
Tired of aimlessly browsing the drugstore beauty aisle looking for products that will work on your skin? Summertime skincare doesn't have to be stressful or make your wallet hurt. While the wintertime is more drying, the hot air and sun exposure can be damaging to your skin. Read over these... [read more]

Head To Taco Casa For A Tasty Meal

hand holding fast food tacos
Taco Casa is a down-home spot featuring delicious Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. The founder, Rod Wilkin, fulfilled a long-cherished dream of opening a Mexican restaurant in Tuscaloosa. Since 1974, Taco Casa has been a mainstay in the Tuscaloosa dining scene, offering a big menu full of an even bigger heart.... [read more]

Try Our Favorite Pool Snack Recipes

rippling pool water with a view of pool furniture
Heading out to the pool soon? As you prepare your poolside essentials, remember to pack a snack or two, and feel free to try any of these easy recipes! Garlic and Onion Cashews Start simple with this quick and tasty finger food. It would be just fine to bring out a bowl... [read more]

Rev Your Engine In A 2022 Santa Cruz

blue Hyundai truck by water's edge
From your everyday errands to adventures down the open road, the incredibly versatile 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz is always ready for action. Santa Cruz Performance The Santa Cruz sets itself apart from pickup rivals with refreshingly refined handling, true to Hyundai’s reputation. The steering is reassuringly responsive, and the Santa Cruz is... [read more]

Plan An Epic Father’s Day Thanks To These 10 Ideas

Smiling daughter giving her parents breakfast in bed
Father's Day is less than two weeks away. The special holiday only comes around once a year, which means this is the one day that is fully centered around your dad. If you want to plan special festivities, mark your calendar for June 19 and say "thank you" to the... [read more]