Take in a Game at Bryant-Denny Stadium

The first kickoff of the new football season is happening in just a few months, so it’s time to get ready to yell “Roll Tide” at Bryant-Denny Stadium. If you have never watched Alabama crush an opponent at this stadium, you are missing out on a lot of fun. It... [read more]

Join in on the Fun at Live @ the Plaza

Audience with hands in the air at a music festival
Tuscaloosa is known for its prestigious football team from the University of Alabama. However, football isn't all that this amazing city has to offer. Every summer, there are a ton of events going on in the Government Plaza, including Live at the Plaza! This free concert and festival takes place every... [read more]

Best Swimming Spots in Tuscaloosa

Swimming pool fun
You don’t have to sweat the spring and summer away. Since the weather is warming up, pools and splash pads are opening up all around Tuscaloosa. Dive into one of these swimming spots so you can enjoy the Tuscaloosa sun. After all, the sun is a lot more fun when... [read more]

Spending Memorial Day at Lake Tuscaloosa

Memorial Day at Lake Tuscaloosa
If you are in or near Tuscaloosa, Alabama this Memorial Day be sure to swing by Lake Tuscaloosa. The crystal waters of this man-made lake are the perfect spot to spend your holiday. The entire family can enjoy swimming, boating and exciting Memorial Day festivities here. About Lake Tuscaloosa Lake Tuscaloosa is... [read more]

Check Out These Historic Plantation Homes

Old Southern Plantation homes
You don’t have to read a history book or watch an old movie to get a blast from the past. Alabama has various plantations that will take you back in time and show you how life used to be. Drive by these homes or stop in for a tour where... [read more]

Road Trip Games You Have to Try

Road trip adventure with friends
Do you ever get bored when you’re on a road trip? The miles can tick by at a slow pace, and it'll make you feel as if you’re never going to arrive. Well, you can make those miles fly by with some exciting road trip games! Playing these games will ensure... [read more]

Upcoming Festivals in Alabama to Check Out

Upcoming Festivals in Alabama
Attention, all you residents in and around T-Town! You have five fantastic festivals coming up in May and June. At some, your patronage supports local charities. At others, you'll learn something new about Tuscaloosa. Mark your calendar today so you don't miss out! Alabama Folk Fair You are sure to leave the... [read more]

Rock Out at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

2017 Tuscaloosa Amphitheater Shows
Tuscaloosa Amphitheater continues to be the best home of entertainment to all residents in and around Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Amphitheater has held big concerts and music performances over the years with attendance of thousands of fans. It has a large seating capacity of more than seven thousand fans. This makes... [read more]

Start Planning Your Summer Vacation Road Trip from Tuscaloosa

summer road trip
Tuscaloosa has a lot of fun activities, but you’re itching to get out of town. You don’t need to buy a plane ticket to make your trip happen. Instead, start planning a road trip today. Go with your best buddies or take your family along for the ride. Choose Your Destination It... [read more]