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Whether you’ve been waiting on a furniture sale that just hasn’t come along quite yet, or you’re in search of that perfect piece that has thus far eluded you, perhaps you might want to shop at the Tuscaloosa ReStore. At The Tuscaloosa ReStore, you can find a wide selection of gently used furniture, appliances, and building material that has been restored to tip-top shape. Best of all, because it’s part of Habitat for Humanity, proceeds from your purchase will go toward building better lives for your fellow citizens.


When you shop at The Tuscaloosa ReStore, you are a very important part of a mission that serves to build homes and futures for people in Alabama. Not only does your purchase go to help fund some of the very important work done by Habitat for Humanity, but you can find treasures for you own home at a very affordable price. Visit their Parkview Center location at 504 14th Street and check out their current stock of inventory.


Donors are another important part of the equation necessary to accomplishing Habitat for Humanity’s mission of helping to reduce sub-standard housing. Do you have used furniture, appliances, or building materials that you would like to donate? Drop it by their store or schedule a free pickup – and don’t forget to write it off your taxes when it’s time to file.


As you might expect from a nonprofit, Habit for Humanity relies heavily on a workforce of volunteers in order to accomplish their mission. Contact The Tuscaloosa ReStore if you are interested in seeing how you can get involved.

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Auto Savings

If you shop at The Tuscaloosa ReStore then it’s clear that you have a true appreciation for a dollar. At Tuscaloosa Hyundai, we respect your common sense approach to spending, and that’s why we are proud to offer regular specials at our dealership. If you have any questions about our offers, please contact us anytime and we will be happy to help.

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