Signs That Your Oil Needs To Be Changed

Signs That Your Oil Needs To Be Changed

Your vehicle depends on oil to keep functioning properly, which is why routine oil changes are essential to your vehicle’s performance. The oil in your vehicle helps lubricate your engine’s moving components so it doesn’t overheat. Whenever you drive your vehicle, the oil collects dirt and debris and, over time, becomes dirty. Your oil starts out gold in color, but when it gets dirty, it will turn dark brown or black. Knowing when to change your oil is essential to your vehicle’s overall functionality. A good rule of thumb is to bring your vehicle in for an oil change every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, depending on your driving habits; you can also refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for a specific maintenance schedule for your vehicle’s make and model. Check out these common warning signs that your vehicle needs an oil change according to Machinery Lubrication.

Signs to Change Your Oil

Unusual Sounds Coming From Engine. If you notice a knocking noise coming from the engine, then this could be a sign that the oil is not properly lubricating the moving component. This also means the engine is experiencing metal-to-metal brushing, and if left unattended, it can cause serious issues to occur.

The Oil Change Light Appears On The Dashboard. One of the most common signs that your vehicle needs an oil change is that the change oil light will appear on the dashboard. One easy way to check if your oil is low is by checking the oil dipstick.

Abnormal Vibrations When Driving. If you notice that your vehicle is vibrating abnormally when you drive, this could be a sign that your engine is overheating and doesn’t have enough oil to keep functioning properly.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke. If your vehicle is emitting an excessive amount of smoke from the exhaust, this could be a sign of concern. Smoke from your exhaust means the oil is too thin and dirty and indicates you need an oil change.

Burnt Smell. If you begin to notice a burning smell inside your engine, this is often a sign that your engine is overheating and is struggling to cool down. A burning smell could also indicate that your oil is leaking and needs to be immediately addressed.

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