Southern Traditions: The Iron Bowl

Iron Bowl 2017

The Iron Bowl is coming up, which means it is time to buy your tickets for the annual rivalry match or figure out who you plan to watch the game with. The Iron Bowl is frequently considered the most hard-fought of all rivalries in sports, pinning the University of Alabama Crimson Tide against the Auburn University Tigers.

This Year’s Details

This year, the Iron Bowl will be at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, so the Crimson Tide will be playing at the Tigers. The game takes place on Saturday, Nov. 25, and you should buy your tickets as soon as possible if you plan to attend. Since this is a long-standing tradition and a huge rivalry, tickets can sell out quickly – especially the more affordable ones. Even so, you should be prepared to spend around $200 or more on each ticket you buy. Keep in mind that you will have to get your tickets from a third-party if you haven’t bought them yet; official tickets from Auburn Football are already sold out. This drives up the cost and it is sure to rise as the event approaches.

A Brief History of the Iron Bowl

To get yourself in the proper spirit for this year’s Iron Bowl, take a few minutes to remember how it all began. The series actually started in 1893 when the teams competed in Birmingham. The Auburn Tigers won this first game and, since then, both have taken home many wins. Now, the game always occurs in late November, but the first match was actually in February. Despite having a 120-year history, there haven’t been 120 Iron Bowls. There was no event from 1896 to 1900 and then again between 1907 and 1948. Even so, there have been decades upon decades of matches between these rival teams, ensuring that everyone in the area remembers cheering on their team at least a dozen times.

Watch the Game at Home or at a Sports Bar

If you can’t find tickets to the watch the Iron Bowl in person or simply can’t afford them, don’t worry as you should be able to watch it on TV without a problem. After all, this is perhaps the biggest of all college football rivalry matches. Start planning with your friends so you know who will host the get-together. Or figure out which local Tuscaloosa sports bar you want to go to. If you head to a sports bar, just make sure the fans who go there will likely support the same team as you! Tensions may be high and you don’t want to get in a fight.

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