How To Have A Spa Day At Home

Woman with cucumber on eyes and a facial on her face

Take the time for self-care during this month of love. Self-care doesn’t have to be a long, expensive process involving an actual spa if you don’t want it to. Instead, it can be a more simplistic routine done in the comfort of your own home. Whether you choose to make this practice of pampering weekly, biweekly, or monthly, go all out whenever your schedule allows because you deserve to feel cared for. If you need some tips on how to fully transform your home into a proper spa day, here are three of our favorite tips on how to do just that!

Surround Your Senses

What are items that make spas so relaxing? We think it’s the dim lighting, plush robes, and clean scent among other things. Recreate this in your bathroom at home with ease. Grab your favorite candle or essential oil, dim the lights, and grab your softest robe. Play soothing instrumental music in the background as well if you’d like. Whether you’re starting or ending your day this way, this is an easy way to start turning your bathroom into our personal at-home spa.

Do A Facial Steam

While face masks have become very popular recently, facial steams are just as beneficial and are quickly gaining popularity in beauty circles. There are two ways to achieve the best facial steams. One way is to buy an actual facial steamer. If you’re not ready to commit to a full steamer quite yet, the second way is to heat up a cloth and lay it over your face for five minutes.

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Soak Your Tired Feet

Whether you’re on your feet all day long or not, they deserve some love, so don’t forget about them. Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water with your favorite bath salts at the end of a long day. You can do this while watching your favorite show, or in your bathtub. Make sure to use a pumice stone to really exfoliate your feet just like in a real spa.

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