Summer Car Accessories Dad Will Love

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Father’s Day is coming right up, and the first day of summer is close behind. If you’re trying to come up with a good Father’s Day gift, consider how the temperatures are already rising, and how much more comfortable you could make Dad on the daily drive with some cool accessories. Help him keep cool this season with any of these summer car accessories.

Keep the Sun Out

First, consider some of the easiest ways to keep the car cool while the temperatures outside continue to rise. Those windows are great when you want to let the sunshine in, but all those rays can heat up the cabin in a hurry, so a windshield shade is a practical way to keep the heat to a minimum while Dad’s car is parked. The shade will have to be folded away while the car is in motion of course, but you can still keep the sun from beating down quite as aggressively with a few roll-on window curtains for the passenger windows. These curtains allow for visibility while also offering some privacy, and some models even provide UV protection.

Protect the Interior

Those intense sunrays don’t just heat up the cabin – they can also damage the car’s interior materials with enough exposure. If Dad’s rather fond of his interior furnishings, he’d likely appreciate some accessories designed to keep them in good shape all summer long. A dashboard cover can be easily draped over the dashboard to protect the plastic or leather from warping and wearing in the direct light of the sun. Have you ever hopped into the car, put your hand on the steering wheel, then quickly recoiled due to it being too hot to touch? That won’t be an issue if you give Dad a steering wheel cover, which can help with the heat and even provide a cushioned gift for a more plush driver experience.

For the Windows

Maybe you’ve noticed Dad or any of his passengers cracking a window to let the heat out. A little breeze can be nice, but that opening can allow dirt, bugs, pollen, and even rain into the cabin, doing more harm than good. If those windows ever need to be slightly cracked, then easily installed window visors can provide just enough coverage to keep foreign objects from falling in.

Fun Gadgets and Gear

If gadgets are your go-to gifts, then try a solar fan. These handy devices circulate cool air through the cabin while your vehicle sits parked during the day, while their solar power ensures that you won’t ever need to change their batteries. While some cars come with ventilated seating, you can add this touch of luxury to virtually any model with a cooling cushion, which can be easily secured to the backrest.

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