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Upcoming Events At CHOM

When it comes to children, sometimes it’s hard to get their attention for much longer than a few minutes. That’s why it’s always important to keep them active and engaged, constantly filling the time with fun activities. Throughout the month of October, The Children's Hands-On Museum of Tuscaloosa offers plenty... [read more]

Take Your Kids to CHOM This Weekend

When the weather starts to get colder, it can be more and more difficult to find things to do with the whole family. That’s especially true if you’ve got little ones running around. You need to keep them entertained, but school is out, and it’s too cold to do much... [read more]

Reasons to Take Your Tot to the Children’s Hands On Museum

Children's Hands on Museum is for young children, newborn to age thirteen. It is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Young children, especially toddlers, have a very curious mind, that is like a sponge. The Hands on Museum gives them the opportunity to learn while they are having fun touching, exploring, building,... [read more]

Museums to Visit in Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa is rich with history, especially when it comes to sports, and there's no better way to experience that history than stopping by the museums around town. Paul W. Bryant Museum The mission of the Paul W. Bryant Museum is to collect, preserve and exhibit items, and to disseminate information relating to... [read more]