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Grab A Taste Of Sweet Home Alabama At Sweet Home Food Bar

group of friends enjoying brunch
In the heart of downtown Tuscaloosa lies a taste of Sweet Home Alabama. Sweet Home Food Bar is the perfect place to indulge and enjoy those southern foods we all love, fried dishes that we can't get enough of, and simply, the taste of the south that Alabama seems to... [read more]

Add Some Spice To Your Next Meal At Central Mesa

woman eating Mexican food outdoors
In the heart of downtown Tuscaloosa, you will find a few Mexican places. Although, there's one that stands out because of its authentic Mexican dishes, and it's Central Mesa. Central Mesa is a popular Mexican Restaurant for a reason. Tuscaloosa locals gather here when looking for that authentic, original, and... [read more]

Start Your Day At T-Town Café

Diner Breakfast
Growing up, did your mom ever tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It's the truth! When you eat a hearty, filling breakfast, your day is fueled for success, and that's especially true for college students. Here in Tuscaloosa, our town is filled with young... [read more]

New Restaurants to Try in Tuscaloosa

Urban Cookhouse restaurant expanding to Tuscaloosa Urban Cookhouse, a fast-casual restaurant concept that began in Homewood in 2010, will open its first Tuscaloosa location later this year in the Village at Northbank development off Rice Mine Road. Their motto is “Buy local, eat urban.” With an emphasis on wood-grilled meats, local produce... [read more]