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Grab Some Italian Food In Tuscaloosa

Italian Food
You’re hungry for Italian food and don’t feel like cooking. Fortunately, various Tuscaloosa restaurants have you covered. These spots know how to deliver when it comes to delicious dishes and mouthwatering pizza. Get the scoop on where to go and head out for a delicious meal. DePalma’s Italian Café What happens when... [read more]

Try A Smoothie Bowl In Tuscaloosa

Smoothie bowl
Get your healthy game on now when you are in T-town! There are a couple of trendy spots that are always sure to please your appetite and cost around $8-10 a bowl: Frutta Bowls – This franchise was created in 2016 and is killing it. Brooke Gagliano came across the Acai... [read more]

Warm Up at These Tuscaloosa Coffee Shops

Tuscaloosa coffee shops
When it gets cold outside, nothing helps warm you up like a nice big cup of joe. But sometimes, you don’t want coffee that you can make at home. You want to go out to one of the nicest coffee shops in town. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from... [read more]

Grab Lunch At These Local BBQ Joints

When was the last time you had a big plate of ribs or your other favorite barbecued treat? If it’s been a while, you need to find a great BBQ place right away. After all, now that summer has arrived, it’s probably all you’ve been craving. Luckily, there is no... [read more]

Try These Food Trucks In Tuscaloosa

Food Truck
Sure, going to a restaurant is a lot of fun. But sometimes, you want something that tastes just as good as restaurant food – but with a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. When that’s the case, you should check out these food trucks in Tuscaloosa. They have some of the... [read more]