Take A Trip To Moundville Archaeological Park

Take A Trip To Moundville Archaeological Park
You can see the well-preserved handywork of one of Alabama’s ancient civilizations just a few miles away from Tuscaloosa. At the Moundville Archeological Park, you’ll be amazed at the massive man-made mounds and the artifacts left by the Mississippian people.

The Archaeological Site and Museum

Just off a steep bend of the Black Warrior River, the Moundville Archaeological Park serves as evidence of one of the biggest ancient Native American communities in the region. The Mississippian people settled the land over 800 years ago, building nearly 30 giant earthworks for housing, ceremony, and civic purposes. Today, the site spans 326 acres to preserve the remains of their fascinating civilization.

While you’re taking in the panoramic views, don’t forget to visit the nearby Jones Archaeological Museum to see over 200 artifacts on display. With amazing discoveries like the rattlesnake stone disk, you’ll get a rare glimpse at the lives of these ancient Alabama residents.

Ancient Metropolis

At one point in history, the community that occupied the Moundville region once made up the largest Western ancient city north of Mexico. Archaeologists have discovered that a vast array of enormous civic structures sprawled out around a massive central plaza. The city was so densely populated that National Geographic has dubbed it the “Big Apple of the 14th Century.” While much of the city’s history is lost to time, individual mounds along the banks of the river suggest that when inhabitants began to leave the city, they founded smaller settlements nearby.


The Archaeological site is located at 634 Mound State Parkway, Moundville, Alabama 35474. The park is just a quick drive south of Tuscaloosa, and it’s open to visitors seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. While you’re visiting the park, you can also explore the nature trail, watch the coursing Black Warrior River, or relax in the picnic area.

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