Discover the New Monopoly Piece on World Monopoly Day!

World Monopoly Day Tuscaloosa

Nearly everyone is familiar with the game Monopoly. Well, some changes are coming to it. The iconic thimble game piece is losing its spot in the Monopoly lineup, and Hasbro gave the world a chance to vote for what will be replacing it. Everyone from China to Tuscaloosa, Alabama was able to cast their vote for the next great Monopoly piece!

Options Voted On

Hasbro wasn’t just letting people write in their choices, if they had, there is no telling how many choices they would STILL be going through right now! Instead, the Board Game Company pre-selected 64 tokens to let people vote on. Hasbro picked things that people on a broad scale would be able to relate too. The options are relevant and mainly geared to the younger crowd to keep the game interesting to them. This ranges from emojis and cameras to cowboy hats and even a bathtub!

World Monopoly Day Tuscaloosa

World Monopoly Day

Hasbro knows what the next piece will be, but the world will have to wait until Sunday, March 19th to find out what piece is bumping the thimble out of the race to pass go! The thimble is not the first piece to be bounced off the board. In 2013 a cat token was voted in, and the iron was voted off of Monopoly Board Island! While people may have grown accustomed to the modern pieces in their Monopoly box, there have actually been a lot of changes to them over the years. During World War II, the metal was needed for the war, so wooden pawns were used in the Monopoly sets. The Post World War II Pewter Pieces reigned as the Monopoly Standard Pieces.

World Monopoly Day Tuscaloosa

Current Monopoly Tokens

  • Scottish Terrier (or dog)
  • Battleship
  • Automobile (or car)
  • Top Hat
  • Shoe (or Boot)
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Cat – (August 2013, the cat playing piece replaced the iron)

Previously  Retired Tokens

  • Thimble (Retired March 2017)
  • Horse & Rider
  • Howitzer (or Cannon)
  • Bag of Money (1998-2007)
  • Iron (the 1930s – 2013)
  • Train (Only in Deluxe Editions)

Of course, there are MANY different editions of Monopoly with countless tokens that have come and gone over the years. World Monopoly Day on March 19th marks the day that a token from Monopoly’s humblest of beginnings is retired, and something from this generation will take its place. Hop into a vehicle from Tuscaloosa Hyundai and celebrate World Monopoly Day this year!