Things To Do With Fido This Season

A hiker and her dog cross the shallow part of a river in the western United States. They are on a day hike and the woman is carrying a small backpack.

The warmer seasons of spring and summer are perfect to engage in many activities. Many of these ventures you can do with your four-legged baby. Afterall, a dog is a man’s — or woman’s — best friend, so why wouldn’t you want Fido or Spot to tag along? If you need help coming up with fun things to do with your fur baby this season, then Bil-Jac offers some creative ideas.

Go for a Hike

Get outside! Your dog will love you forever if you head outdoors to go on a hike. They will enjoy smelling all the news smells as they stop to inspect every flower, tree, and blade of grass. Getting fresh air and bonding with you on this adventure is great for your pup as well as yourself.

Have a Play Date

If your bestie has a fur baby also, then you may want to set up a play date for your two dogs. Begin by walking your dogs together around the neighborhood. You can then step up the play date by going to a dog park or by simply letting them loose in your backyard. Just remember to supervise the play date.

Play a Game of Fetch

Work on your dogs motor skills and training by playing a game of fetch. Step out into your backyard or visit the local dog park. Encourage your pup to get the ball and return it to you after you throw it. You may also want to have some treats on hand to reward them for their good work.

Get in the Water

Whether it is heading to the lake, the beach, or the local river down the street, you need to let your dog get in the water. Make sure, of course, that these places are actually dog friendly. If your dog is not that comfortable around water, then take it slow with them. You may also want to consider purchasing a life vest for them.

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Go Camping

Your adventures do not need to be limited to simple outings or day trips. Take your pup camping with you this season. You deserve a vacation, but so does your dog. Bring them with you on your camping trip. They will enjoy hitting the trails, catching a frisbee, or playing in the water with you.

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