Tips For Baking This Christmas

Grandparents making Christmas gingerbread cookies with granddaughter. It's a Christmas time.

Baking during the Christmas season can be so much fun. It is a great activity for the whole family. Whether you enjoy making a gingerbread house, baking a batch of sugar cookies to decorate, or a Yule Log for dessert on Christmas Day, you can create sweet memories baking delicious treats for the holiday. Make the most of your baking time with these easy tips.

Make a Crumb Coat

Whether you are making a coconut cake, a chocolate cake, or embracing the Yuletide spirit with a Bûche de Noël, you will need to frost your cake. To make your cake look beautiful and even, you will first need to make a crumb coat, which is simply a thin icing layer. This layer seals any loose crumbs. For the best result, you need to chill the cake after putting on the crumb coat layer, and then, you can finish frosting the entire cake.

Grate Your Butter

You’re not on the Great British Baking Show, so you do not have to have fancy equipment to get the job done. If you recipe calls for cold butter to be cut, then do not purchase a pastry blender when a cheese grater will work just as well.

Separate Eggs Easily

When the recipe asks you to separate the egg yolks from the egg whites, your heart probably sinks just a little. You don’t have to worry about separating your eggs anymore with this simple trick. Crack open an egg on a clean plate. Then taking an empty water bottle, separate the yolk from the egg whites by sucking the yolk from the white.

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How To Soften Butter

There are so many baking recipes that call for softened butter, but who has time to let butter get to room temperature. For a quick way to soften butter that does not melt the butter, simply soften the butter by covering it with a hot glass. You can make the glass hot by pouring boiling water in the glass. Wait a moment for the glass to heat up. Then pour out the water, flip the glass over on top of the stick of butter, and wait about five minutes for the butter to soften.

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