Tips For Hosting A Basketball Viewing Party

Friends cheering sport league together

March welcomes spring, St. Patrick’s Day, spring break, and of course, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. This tournament is greatly anticipated every year by people from all over America as they guess who will make it all the way to the big show. If you enjoy watching the games and even plan on hosting some viewing parties this year, then there are some tips for you to host the best basketball viewing party ever.


Any good party needs a theme with decorations. You don’t have to go crazy, but have some fun with your event as you watch the basketball games. By setting up decorations, you will help get your guests into the mood and get excited about the games. One easy decoration for the games is a giant whiteboard with a bracket that you update with each game. Wherever the food is going to be set up, you can lay down colored tape to duplicate the depiction of the free throw line.

Games & Activities

There will certainly be commercials and breaks in between games. You will want to keep your friends entertained during your party. You can do this by setting up games and activities. If you have a hoop outside, then you could set up a free throw competition during commercials. For your die-hard basketball-loving friends, you can create basketball trivia that you can ask. Of course, you can print out blank, individual brackets to hand out to your guests to make their predictions.

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Grab a Plate for the Snacks

While your friends may have come to watch the game, they stayed for the snacks, so make sure you have some incredible treats for them. Forgo the standard plain potato chips and French onion dip. Make your event memorable with appetizers that will make your mouth water. The possibilities are truly endless. From buffalo wings and meatballs to fried goat cheese balls and more, you can certainly feed your crowd well. To make things more fun, you name each of your dishes after basketball terms.

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