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Whether you are a student at the University of Alabama who is staying in town for the summer or a Tuscaloosa resident, the summer season will soon be here. While there will be plenty of opportunities to for fun activities and events, these occasions go better with a snack or treat. Thankfully T-Town is a city booming with food trucks. If you have not discovered the delicious fare from these food trucks listed by, then hop in your vehicle to find these food trucks around town or at the next city-wide event.

Cajun Curl

When you grab a bite at the Cajun Curl food truck, you will be welcomed to entrees such as pita wraps and salads, but what you come for are the Cajun Curls Chips. These chips can be loaded with a variety of toppings, yet are delicious on their own. This is in thanks to the Cajun Curl spice that is generously placed on the chips.

Blenz Bowls

If you are wanting something lighter to enjoy, then you need to stop by the Blenz Bowls food truck. You can find the Blenz Bowls food truck often at the UA Campus. Blenz Bowls offer patrons sweet and tangy smoothie bowls and acai bowls.

Big Bundts & More

If you need a little midday pick-me-up, then you should get a treat from Big Bundts & More green trailer. You can find the green trailer at many city events as a vendor, offering delicious sweet treats. Of course, if you cannot wait to find the trailer, then you can stop at Big Bundts & More shop for a bundtlet, lunch packs, coffee drinks, and so much more.

Cheese Louise

Grilled cheese is standard favorite for kids, but why should you leave this classic comfort food to your childhood? The Cheese Louise food truck in Tuscaloosa offers a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches that take it to the next level. Enjoy sandwiches such as the Party Animal that offers Muenster cheese on toasted white bread with buffalo chicken dip and chipotle sauce, or you could order the MacDaddy that is a Colby Jack grilled cheese sandwich on white bread that is also topped with macaroni & cheese, bacon, and chipotle sauce.

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