Hit the Greens at Tuscaloosa’s 2017 AAS Golf Tournament

Tuscaloosa AAS Golf Tournament

Calling all golfers! The 2017 AAS Golf Tournament is taking place on September 7, and the proceeds will support the Adopt-a-School Program. Registration is open now for the four-person scramble, so register today and do your part for the local community.

Not sure if you’re up to the challenge? Check out some golf scramble tips so you’ll be ready to play like a pro.

Build a Strong AAS Golf Tournament Team

Team building is important when competing in a scramble. While you might want to play with your best friends, consider what they bring to the table before asking them to join you.

You should have one distance player on your team. That person is responsible for crushing the ball off the tee so your team can move down the fairway. Then, you need the iron master. This is the person who can pick out an iron and hit the ball 150 yards to the tee.

You also need someone who is a master of the chip shot and can then finish it off like a putting pro. If you fill all of these roles, your team will be a force to be reckoned with.

Pick a Captain

When you have four people on a team, it can hard to agree on things like the hitting order. Avoid this problem by choosing a team captain. Pick someone who is good at making decisions, and let him or her decide the hitting order and more. That way, the team can focus on playing the game.

Know When to Take a Risk

Four people get to hit each shot in a four-person scramble. If all four people take a risk, you might not end up with a ball on the fairway. The first few people should play it safe, and then the last person can go up and try to kill it. If that person’s shot goes off the fairway, it will be OK since the other shots should be on the fairway. On the other hand, if the person kills it and drives it down the fairway, you will be in a great position for the rest of the hole.

Everyone Putts

If someone on the team makes a putt before everyone has putted, it is normal for everyone to pick up their balls and move to the next hole. That is a mistake, though. People can end up going several holes without putting, and then, when you need them to come through, they’re rusty. Everyone should putt even if it doesn’t count.


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