What Is the Tuscaloosa Hyundai Million Mile Warranty?

Tuscaloosa Hyundai WarrantyBuy your next Hyundai from Tuscaloosa Hyundai to get the best possible warranty. Most drivers are already aware of the truly impressive Hyundai warranty that comes standard with any new model, regardless of where you buy it from. In fact, Hyundai has been ranked as having the top warranty by third-party organizations due to the long length of the warranty and numerous components with unlimited miles. To make your already great Hyundai even better, take advantage of the Million Mile Warranty Coverage from Tuscaloosa Hyundai.

Warranty Forever Component Coverage

Part of the Million Mile Warranty Coverage from Tuscaloosa Hyundai is the Warranty Forever coverage for various components. This is among the most comprehensive of all powertrain coverage programs found anywhere. It covers an incredible range of parts that most warranties don’t, including gaskets and seals.

Engine CoverageTuscaloosa Hyundai Million Mile Warranty

As part of the warranty, you have coverage for the engine block as well as all parts that are internally lubricated. This includes the cam bearings, main and rod bearings, crankshaft, torque strut, engine mounts, freeze plugs, pistons, connecting rods, piston rings, cam tower, camshaft, cylinder head, lifters, rocker arms, balance shafts, engine oil cooler hoses, oil pan, pressure relief valve, oil pump, and more. The coverage even extends to the gaskets and seals on all of these components.

If you buy a Hyundai with an enhanced, supercharged, or turbocharged engine, the coverage also extends to the hard lines, waste gate controller, turbocharger, intercooler, nozzles, lines, injection pump, bypass valve, clutch and pulley, and compressor.

Transmission Coverage

In terms of your transmission, the Million Mile Warranty covers all internally lubricated parts as well as cases, bushings, bearings, gear sets, and more. If you have a 4×4 vehicle, the transfer case also has similar coverage.


Even the front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive systems are covered under this impressive warranty. Coverage for each of these systems includes at least a dozen components.

The team at Tuscaloosa Hyundai can give you more information on the coverage provided by the Million Mile Warranty and Warranty Forever coverage. Visit our Tuscaloosa, Alabama, dealership today to learn more and get your Hyundai with comprehensive warranty coverage.