Visit the Tuscaloosa River Market on Saturdays to Stock Up on Fresh Produce

The Tuscaloosa River Market has been serving up fresh produce and more since 2012. Along with fresh produce, it offers some other options, as well. If you like food, music, and fun, be sure to visit the market. It’s open on Saturdays from 7 a.m. until noon and is one of the hottest spots in town. You will get to interact with lots of locals if you stop by.

Inside the Market

When you enter the Tuscaloosa River Market, your senses will be treated to fresh smells. You might catch a whiff of freshly baked bread that’s for sale, or you might take in the scent of fresh produce. You also might catch the faint scent of Chilton County peaches. As you walk around, you will also be treated to homemade jams, ripe tomatoes, and other treats. You can even buy some grass-fed beef or fresh honey at the market. The market hosts a variety of farmers that bring different goodies, so you will find a little bit of everything.

You will also get to enjoy the music that softly floats around the market. You will usually find musicians up against the door, strumming on their guitars.

Payment Details

Fresh produce and other items help the people of Tuscaloosa live healthy lives. With that in mind, the Tuscaloosa River Market has started accepting EBT/SNAP, WIC, and SFMNP. You will use your EBT card to buy tokens that you can exchange for eligible items at the market.

The Tuscaloosa River Market also takes cash, credit cards, and debit cards. With so many payment options, you should be able to get the items you want without any problems.

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