Visit the Tuscaloosa Veterans Memorial Park this Independence Day

veteran's day

Tuscaloosa’s Veteran’s Memorial Park was created as a memorial for all veterans of the US armed forces and as a tribute to Northington General Army Hospital. When the Hospital closed down, this 1-acre site was stipulated to be used as a shrine. So, in 1978, the park was dedicated as a memorial for veterans of the armed forces and was rededicated in 1997. In 2002, the surviving members of the USS Tuscaloosa and its sister ship, the USS Wthcta, held a joint reunion there to see fellow soldiers and to view parts of their ship for possibly the last time. Today, the park serves as an irreplaceable patriotic reminder for future generations of the sacrifices made by those who have served and continue to serve our country. Come out and show your support.

Tours That Are Available

As Alabama’s finest veterans park, there are many unique tours and features dating back to WWI. The tall centerpiece of the ark is the mast of the USS Tuscaloosa. You’ll also see around the park the Vought A-7E Corsair, an attack bomber from the Vietnam War, the “Huey attack helicopter, a 1960’s M60 Medium Tank, and much much more. As you browse the park, there are many interpretive and educational markers about the instruments and vehicles.

Join Us for the 4th

So, this 4th of July, take a family or solo trip to the Tuscaloosa Veterans Memorial Park to learn about and pay tribute to the people and machines that have fought for our country. Veterans Memorial Park is located on MacFarland Boulevard in front of University Mall, and you can find more information about the festivities on their website.


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