Visit the River Market This Weekend

Tuscaloosa River Market

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, consider heading to the River Market. You can explore the structure and attend the regular farmers market, making it the perfect chance to buy some produce or just relax and window-shop wares.

Farmers Market

While other events on the calendar at the River Market change every once in a while, the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market is always a guarantee. This takes place every Saturday starting at 7 a.m. and closing at noon. At the farmers market, you will find more than 30 local farmers and artisan vendors selling their homegrown produce and local wares. This is the perfect chance to stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, and more while also browsing unique gifts and crafts from the local artisans. Good news for those who are on EBT/SNAP, SFMNP, or WIC: You can use the card to buy tokens, which the vendors will exchange for food or other eligible items.

A Glance at the Farmers

The same farmers tend to attend the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market at the River Market each week, and you can check out detailed descriptions of each on the website. Many have at least a decade of experience in their chosen specialty, if not several decades. Between the various vendors and farmers, you will find organic produce, cage-free eggs, meats with no chemicals, and more. You can also grab some delicious prepared foods, like the blueberry sorbet from Cedar Stump Farms.

Consider Hosting Your Own Event

While you may not get a date for this weekend, you can host a future event at the River Market if you want. Its location along the Black Warrior Riverbank provides picturesque views. The versatile space is 5,600 square feet, perfect for banquet dinners, civic gatherings, weddings, and more. Seated banquets in the space can hold as many as 400 guests. Or you can set it up in an auditorium style to hold 800 guests or as a festival space to fit a whopping 3,000 guests. To make life even easier when planning an event, the rates include setup and breakdown time, plus tables, chairs, and the standard A/V equipment.

Whether you go to the River Market in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this weekend or wait a while to head there, our team at Tuscaloosa Hyundai can work with you to find the right vehicle to bring you there.