Need a Wedding Venue? Try One Of These Beautiful Tuscaloosa Locations

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You’ve dreamed of your wedding day for what feels like forever, and now, the day is almost here. You want everything to be perfect, and that means you need the right venue. That’s not a problem when you live in Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa is known for having some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the state of Alabama, if not the country. You simply cannot go wrong when you choose one of these venues.

NorthRiver Yacht Club


That’s the perfect word to describe the NorthRiver Yacht Club. From the lush grounds to the luxurious ballroom, you will feel like you’re living your dreams when you have your wedding here, and it doesn’t have to be a small dream. The venue holds over 300 people, so you can invite anyone and everyone.

The staff will handle your wedding planning for you, so you can just let them know what you want, and they’ll bring it to life. They will seriously do anything and everything you want here.

Oh, and as an added bonus, everything is so gorgeous that you don’t need to worry about decorations. Add some flowers if you want, but other than that, the ballroom is good to go as it is.

Hotel Capstone

Having a wedding for up to 300 people can be stressful, but the staff at Hotel Capstone makes it a breeze. They will take care of the planning for you, and they can set your guests up with rooms at the hotel. Plus, there is full-service catering at the hotel.

Add in the fact that the space is absolutely gorgeous, and you can’t beat it. Here’s an insider’s tip to make it even better. Request the Governor’s Ballroom. That way, you will have pool access.

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The University Club

With space for over 300 guests, you can have the wedding of your dreams at The University Club. While the indoor space is spectacular, the outdoor space really shines. Imagine walking down an aisle made of brick with the imposing University Club right in front of you. It makes for a breathtaking event. Even if you don’t get married outside, you will still enjoy getting your pictures taken in the outdoor space.

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