Why You Need To Change Your Pollen Filter

Clean and dirty cabin pollen air filter for a car

Spring brings April showers, May flowers, and a deluge of pollen. Before the “pollening” begins, make sure your air filter is clean and ready to keep dust, pollen, and other allergens out of your vehicle’s cabin.

What is a Cabin Filter?

You probably know all about how your heating and air conditioning system keeps your vehicle nice and comfy year round, but most people are completely unaware of their cabin’s air filter and how important it is for your every day comfort.  A cabin air filter is exactly what the name implies. It does the same thing for the air you breath that the air filter in your engine does — eliminates the contaminants, allergens, and irritants that could enter your vehicle and make you uncomfortable.

How Does Your Cabin Filter Work?

Your cabin’s air filter is a small pleated filter that is usually made out of multi-fiber paper cotton. In some instances,  it is constructed from other engineered materials.  Before the air from outside your vehicle enters the cabin it’s directed through the cotton filter. Bacteria, pollen, dust, and other contaminants become trapped in the filter which prevents them from getting inside.

How To Know When To Change Your Filter?

In the process of doing it’s job, the air filter in your vehicle gets dirty. Unfortunately, that means that it will eventually become ineffective. When it’s time to change the filter in your vehicle you will likely notice one or all of these signs.

  • The air circulation in your vehicle has been reduced.
  • Air flow through your air conditioning and heating unit is low even when you have the climate control set to high.
  • Low climate control performance.
  • You notice a musty odor in your vehicle.
  • You might start to hear a whistling sound emitting for the intake ducts in your vehicle.

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What To Do When You Need Your Filter Changed?

When it’s time for you to have your cabin’s air filter replaced, visit the service center at Tuscaloosa Hyundai. Our team of skilled technicians will replace your air filter quickly so that you can breath easy. Make an appointment today.

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